Rogers Dyna-sonic Reissue


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Has anyone seen one of these in person or played one yet? I keep seeing them pop up on Reverb and a few online music stores, but i'm yet to see them in person. Price tag is a little on the steep side, but still tempting as i've always wanted a wood Dyna and the original wood ones are way out of my budget.

Anyone have any thoughts on these things?


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I bought two. And have plans to buy a couple more in a different size. It is an excellent drum. Well made, beautiful edges, the hardware is stellar. Unbeatable... which is funny because it is very much something to beat. Excellent sound, purely Dyna-Sonic.

I love it.

The new Bread and Butter lugs... are pretty spot on as well.
Here is my beautiful new Dyna-Sonics.....
WMP drum number D1021
BDP drum number D1073

Also pictured is my 1963 Powertone, drum number 1196. with new Bread and Butter lugs.

I have also installed these on a 1961 Holiday Seven Line COB without modification to the shell.

Buy One!!!


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That snare is cool, but that set is gorgeous! Is that Sky Blue Ripple? It looks amazing. :)


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I saw and played one at NAMM earlier this year ... great snare drum and one that's on my list to get.


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If business ever picks up i will buy one for sure, i love the snare system so much, using a cob for now to get by :)