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Does anyone know anything about Rogers Drums? I know Yamaha bought the Rogers brand back recently, but how do Rogers drums stack up against Tama, Pearl, Ludwig, etc. now?

I have a chance to buy a used Rogers kit - 22" bass, 16" floor tom, 12" and 13" mounted toms for $50.00 and I was wondering about the current state of the Rogers brand. These aren't vintage, but probably made between 2000 and 2008. They are missing the bottom rims on the toms and the bottom lugs / tension rods, but I am thinking I can pick these up fairly cheaply and mount them back on the shells. In other words, for a little work and investment, I am wondering if I'll get a decent intermediate kit. Or something along the lines of "First Act". I don't want to waste my $50.00.

Any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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Since you are posting from Dallas/Ft Worth, there is a good chance that the set you are looking at could be one of the Brooks Mays Rogers sets, rather than the Yamaha ones (Yamaha did not take over the Rogers name until 2006). I am not sure about the quality of these sets, or who even made them for Brook Mays.

Anyway, here's kind of the chronology or history of Rogers (the trademark as well as the drum company).


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Here are pictures of the kit. Judging by the mounting system, is this pre or post Yamaha? Anyone know? The seller doesn't know the model or when it was made. As can be seen, the inside of the shells are white...was that common? Is this worth $50.00? Thanks!


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The kit looks like current production. The vintage kits used swivel-o-matic tom mounts and hardware.That said, I'm not a expert on vintage drums. Others may be better informed.

For $50.00 it would make a decent practice kit. What can you buy for fifty bucks these days?


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Not positive, but it sure looks like it may have an older Yamaha pedal with it.

IF it is an older Yamaha pedal, that alone is probably worth $35.

I'd say for $50 go for it...

Put a full set of GOOD heads on it and you may just be surprised at what they sound like.


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These have to be the most undistinguished looking drums I have seen in my life. I think Craigslist-branded drums would look better.

Why did Yamaha even bother resurrect this marque if they're going to produce such crap?


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Yes I agree my dad has played Rogers (XP-8's currently) for years, I got excited when Yamaha brought them but what they came up with was really disappointing.

It was the first drum set I played & they really hurt the name IMO.

I've heard through there thinking of improving the drums but I'll believe it when I see it.



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50 bucks? You should have done it.

I mean, I currently play a CB kit on the same level, and with new heads and great tuning skills, it's the prefect kit to just jam on. The only major problem with these kits are the snares, and sometimes you have to beat the crap of them to get them sounding good.