Roger Hawkins RIP

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Sad to hear. What a great drummer and a great music legacy! Wish I could have had some good barbecue with Roger and just soak in his stories and wisdom.

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Great drummer is right !!, when you hear a drummer like roger hawkins , it is drums in their most organic , pure ,musical form . he makes you respect the instrument known as the drumset. thanks Roger RIP


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Around 1985 I discovered Roger on the Julian Lennon Valotte single. I then went backwards in my research. A high school summer trip to Muscle Schoals turned into a studio tour by Roger's dad Roger Sr. I wish I had met him but I saw his drums and the studio where he and others made so much magic. The other studio, Fame, is just down the road but I didn't get a tour there. The platinum & gold records on the wall at his studio was pretty extraordinary.


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bugger :(


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I learned to play from him. Not him in first drum lessons were putting on Aretha Franklin and playing along to Roger, for an entire summer.
RIP Roger, you were great.


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Rest in peace, Mr. Hawkins. 🙏



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Larrie Londin was a big big deal to me. I never even knew who Roger was until I'd read an interview with Larrie who mentioned that he was the best groove drummer he'd heard. THAT introduced me to who he was and had the respect of the best of the best. Your work and inspiration live on forever Roger and if you are floating our way just for fun...THANK YOU for the inspiration.


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The muscle shoals documentary introduced me to this cat. What a drummer. Looked like an insurance salesman from Toledo, people could not believe he played on a lot of “mowtown” hit records until he sat down and played.


Tacking a question onto this thread...

Did Roger Hawkins play on "He Called Me Baby" by Candi Staton? Or was that Roger Clark?

The song was released on the FAME label but was recorded right around the time Hawkins was moving from FAME studios to Muscle Shoals. I've seen Hawkins unofficially credited but the timeframe (1970) could include Roger Clark (the house drummer at FAME following Hawkins). I was unable to find an official credit.

For reference:


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I highly recommend the Movie "Respect" . Great movie and of course music too. The actor that portrays Rodger Hawkins actually looks a lot like him.