Roger drums info


Can anyone give any opinions on these? Found in pawn shop. All I know is they are rogers. Trying to figure out about year of drums and if worth the $800 they are asking for them


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70's era. There should be a paper badge with a serial # and the series inside the shell.

Looks like one of the toms has a RIMS mount added. Condition looks good. If you like the sound then $800 is a ok price, a little much for my cheapness. I'd try to haggle and see what you can get them down to.


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1969 - 1975 Fullerton, flatter script badge.
Yes check the badges inside the shells before you lay out $800. They look to be a nice set but I'm not sure I'd pay all that. It may be a re-wrap because the inlay on the hoops is white marine pearl, doesn't match black drums. so either the hoops or wrap not original. No matter, they will sound great. Work on that detail to lower price of owners at the ole pawn shop.


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Silver Sparkle Pearl... is on the inlay. I do not see WMP there. SSP is correct for black.
Hoops and rods look correct on the toms.
You will need 200 for mounts and the double tom post with machined collet tensioners.

Talk them down to 500.