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That's not acceptable. You need to be associated with a manufacturer that will work with you. There needs to be mutual respect, for sure!

No worries though. There are MANY great drum companies making great product these days. It should be an exciting thing for you. Keep us posted!

~ Paul


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Sad thing is, I never heard you play Gretsch! That would have been great! I love your albums...

Roger Biwandu

Hi guys,

It has been very longtime since my last post, I hope all's well with you all !!!

I thought I would post the making of my last recording, you can find it here on iTunes, you can also order directly thru me for physical CD, better for helping the artists.

Anyway, enjoy guys, I play here my Sakae Trilogy, tom 12", 13", floor tom 14" and 16".
Snare drum Sakae Trilogy 14" x 6,5 on most songs, and a Sakae Bubinga 14" x 5,5 on 2 songs.
Zildjian cymbals, K Constantinople 14" hi-hat, K Constantinople ride 22", K Kerope ride 20", K Dark Crash 15".
Vic Firth 5B for my drumsticks.

Here the teaser :