Roger Biwandu here...

Roger Biwandu

Hey Willy,

How are you Man ?
I hope that all is well with you and that you have a great summer !!!

Thanks for your message and see you around...

Yeah !


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Hey Roger..
How do you say "Kick Ass" in French?:)
I hope you are well. I was trying to pick up a copy of your album but it seems it is only available on French sites and I can't read a lick.

Please contact me. If you would like we can trade..I will send you one of mine.
All the best
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Roger Biwandu

Hey Frank, thanks for your message Mr awesome singles !!! :)

Thaard, thanks for your very kind words, glad you appreciate my drumming.

All the best.

Roger Biwandu

Hey PCJazzDrums,

Thanks for your message and your very kinds words about my drumming.

Well, of course you know that "Slink" has been written by Vinnie Colaiuta, it's a theme very inspiring, and it's always challenging, (and dangerous ?) to use the music of our masters.

I find that my timing is a pure desaster, I try to be as must honest as possible, not playing what I would love, but just playing what I can, and of course for that the key is to play the music without thinking about the drums, then all comes kind of naturaly.

I love to play along with my favorite musicians, Bran and Wynton Marsalis, Wayne Shorter, Miles, etc...
I'm not playing the same thing, maybe I'm just playing the ride cymbal and the hh, then I'm just listening the vibe, what happens, the interaction between the musicians...

For the Jazz music my drumming comes from Jeff "Tain" Watts around 75%, then I must have some Elvin and Tony that I listen a lot too, Vinnie is a huge inspiration, so I supose that his drumming can be hear in my playing too.

Thanks again for your message man, all the best.


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Thanks a lot for the reply!

I completely agree with your comment on listening to the masters of our instrument. I've heard Vinnie's rendition of Slink and his playing too is incredible.

I think I'll try what you suggested, playing along with just the Hi-Hat or Ride and trying to listen to other instruments.

I've also heard from Tommy Igoe that it's important not to be selfish when drumming and try to only play things that help the music.

I'll use your tips a lot, so thanks again!


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Hi Roger how are you?
I have some quetion. I practise my Rudiments on the PAD but when i switch to drums i have dificult. Do you think that i must to continue praticing on PAD or i must to pratictise only on drums?

A bout the Right Foot on the Bass Drum i have some dificults to play Double beats end Triples. What kind of exercises you recomend me.

God Bless You.

Roger Biwandu

Hi VicFirth5A,

I think it's great to practice on a pad, but it's also true that it's not the same feeling than a drums, you have to do both as much as you can.

I use a lot pad, I have a drum pad on witch I have a lot of fun, but nothing better than a real drums.

As for the right foot I can't help as I'm still looking to buy one, do you know a good shopp for that ? ;-)

Thanks again for your message, I wish you all the best, cheers.


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Hi Roger! Welcome to the great supportive community called!

My question.. what moved you to become a musician.. More specifially, a drummer?

- Lex

Roger Biwandu

Hi Lex,

Thanks for posting.

A lot of music was played in my family, and my sisters were into The Beatles, The Police and Toto, and we all know the drummers of thoses bands, their drumming was talking to me and I had some facilities with the drums, so all came kind of naturaly and it was clear when I was 11 years old or so that I'd be musician.

Thanks again for your message, cheers.


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Roger, you're a badass, man,... Ive been following your career off and on.. Palladium blew me away, a while back.. You've got a killer groove and a very individual style with some unique chops. very much your own... I like that! : )

What was it like to work with Zawinul? Do you agree that he will go down in history as one of the great modern jazz composers?
Who's your favorite bassist to play with? Whats Linley Marthe like to play with? Etienne? The great Michel Alibo in this clip...? Do you know my friend CHander Sardjoe?

CHeers, ABe

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Roger Biwandu

Hey Abe,

Thank you very much for the kind message, much appreciated.

Joe was hard to work with, kind of old Be-bop fashion way to work, and he was already a legend back then, no doubt that he's now full part of the music History.

I'm lucky to play most of the time with great bass player like Jérôme Regard, Marcus Miller, Linley, Michel Alibo, Mike Clinton, Henri Dorina, there is so much great musician in France, the list is huge !!!
Still waiting to play with some my hero like Patitucci, Jimmy Johnson, Bob Hurst, Eric Revis, McBride, etc...

Yeah I know Chander, great drummer and nice guy.

Thanks again for your message man, cheers.


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First of all I am very fascinated by your playing and floored by quality of musicianship!!! I'd like to give you some questions regarding practising... I read some there (few posts ago), but I'd rather know how your ideal practise session looks (looked) like? Also regarding practising - is any advice which you give on focus? Well, I heard quote by Benny Greb, that only 15 minutes of really focusing practising is quite difficult. How would you approach that? Another questions goes to: How you scheduled your practise time? (In blocks, how much time etc.)
and: If you write down notes to practise diary, how does them look like:)? (quite funny huh?:))
Thanks in front, for your time to answer a lot of question. Hope to see you soon playing with your band!

Roger Biwandu

Hi Tkie,

Thank you very much for your very kind message and your support, it's good to be appreciated.

Well, I'm not focusing on anything special when I practice, except trying to keep a decent technic, a good tempo and sens of rythm.

I have 2/3 hours 4 days a week, most of the I just play whatever comes in my head, otherwise I set a metronom or some playback and I try to push my rythm sens as far as possible.
Time to time I record my practice session, and rarely I bring a camera, very helpful.

But nothing is better than playing with other musicians so... ;-)

Thanks again for your message, and below a drum solo that I did in february 2011, enjoy.

Roger Biwandu

Hey Drummerworld, how are you guys, wassup !!!

drumming sort of person

What's going on with you Roger? No more Gretsch???

Roger Biwandu

Yeah my friend, no more Gretsch for me, they don't like me/showing me enough respect here in France so I had to left...

Waiting a little bit for annoucing my new drum company.

Thanks for your interest bro'.