Rockett Drum Works


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Anybody ever played or heard Rockett Drum Works drums? (Rikki Rockett, Poison)


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They make good drums and their differentiating factor is the custom finishes. If they make what you are looking for I say go for it. Like Phattie and C&C and ... they are a small shop of drummers who make drums.


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3-5 months ago One of the magazines I get did a big profile type write up on Rikki and his company of about 4 or 5 it it was either DRUM or modern drummer.... I dont put much stock in the mags reviews due to them always being good but this is a little different its a very informative piece.
I saw Rikki Rockett interviewed on "That Metal Show" programme. He is very proud of his national drum make, staff and production. Also said that Steven Adler (Guns N' Roses, Adler's Appetitte) plays one of its custom designs.

I'm still reading about it... here:


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That evil clown setup is sick!! That would be an awesome kit to use while playing for a Korn cover band.... well when playing their older stuff lolz! :D

Check out that one Creme lacquer with the candied red powder coat.. then he finished the inside of the shells a red stain.. Badasss stuff..

Also.. when you ask him the source for his stuff.. HE TELLS YOU . He does'nt hide behind a freakin' keyboard like some of these "assembler" guys..