Rock n Roller R6RT. A mod.


"Uncle Larry"
I've had one of these for about 2 years now. Love it. Recently, I got a bitchin new bass drum case (Thanks Chris). It's perfect, except it didn't fit on my cart with the other drums.

So I modded my cart. The bottom can be 2 lengths, it was at the longest adjustment, but I needed like 3 more inches.

There is a little spring loaded chrome dome thingy that pops into a hole to hold the smaller inner square stock in place, to the fixed outer square stock. I pulled the bottom past it's longest adjustment, so the dome thingy wasn't in a hole anymore. This gave me another 3 inches. There is still a good 4 inches of inner square tube still inside the outer square tube, so it's plenty stable. I just tightened down the 2 fixed screws on the cart that help hold the adjustment. It's plenty stable so I'm happy

I don't have to do this, but I will probably end up running a screw through an overlapping part of the 2 square tubes, just for insurance. I got a bigger cart without spending more money going up to the next size. Yay me!

Hollywood Jim

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Hey, I have a Rock N Roller cart too. I could use a couple of extra inches. I'm gonna try this out.
I'm thinking I could remove the spring loaded dome thingy and drill a hole where the fixed screws are when it is fully extended.
And that way it will lock in at it's longest length. And I can still easily make it shorter or longer, like normal.

Thanks Larry !!!



"Uncle Larry"
YW Jim. I thought it was worth posting. I'm very happy I was able to Larryize it to my liking. Your idea is good as well, drilling a hole where the fixed screws go. I'm glad they left an extra 6 inches of inner tube to work with, they could have not done that for cost/weight.


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Drill holes where the adjustment parts fit at the new length
Exactly. I did that with an in-between length on my R8 so it would load into the back of my Odyssey without even folding-down the uprights. Big time-saver, and it happens to be the right length for the 22 & 16" drums I lay on it first. I just leave it in the car and it doesn't flop around, because it's almost the width of the cargo area.