Rock Beato’s Top 20 Drum Grooves of all-time


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Usually these list are just stupid but this one really isn't that bad of a list-the Meter's, had some Clyde Stubblefield, Porcaro, Purdie, Bonham-each their own iconic half-time shuffles. You can quibble but not bad at all-surprised me actually. Now if it was top 30 Oh hell we'd have to start all over ROFL.


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I won't post any spoilers. The first one he plays could have been just about any song off that album. Killer grooves start to finish. I would have chosen a different song though.
I had never heard #16. Nice polythingy. #1 shouldn't have been #1.
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Neal Pert

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I agreed on a bunch of those. With so many other great grooves out there, we really didn't need three Purdie shuffles.

What are the other things you'd put on the list? Seems that Beato chose well-known songs, so I'll limit myself to things most people would know. These are drum beats where, when I hear them, I often end up air-drumming. These would be my additions:

Airbag by Radiohead
Blackstar by David Bowie
Breakdown by Tom Petty
Don't You Forget About Me by Simple Minds
Pride (In the Name of Love) by U2
The Weight by The Band

and the best drum beat on any pop song in the last twenty years, and if you disagree we'll have to throw hands:

A how-to video; watch the second half of the video for how to incorporate the stick clicks:


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I give Rick credit for always pointing out that these lists are his opinion and could be in a different order, as well as inviting comments about other songs the viewers would pick. It's all in fun and he usually sneaks a few in that a lot of folks might not have heard before.


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I appreciate his perspective even if I don't agree. Well considered. 'Sound Of Muzak' ? ...or the plaining section of 'Subdivisons' ? ;)
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Not too many surprises here, but cool to see this topic get some attention from the larger music community.

And let’s give the drummer some for replicating the grooves really well! 👍
That's really cool.

Rick does a great job breaking down a song from the 80's that I never realized was so complicated. Even guitarists have their challenges figuring it out at times lol.