Roc N Soc Square shaped thrones


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I was just wondering if anyone has tried the Roc N soc square shaped throne. Sadly, no store I've been to actually carries them.
I have been using a bicycle shaped Roc N Soc for the past few years and have noticed that I find my body sliding forward more then I would like. This is starting to cause discomfort in my upper thigh area.
When shopping for a new throne I happened to really like the Tama Ergo Rider shape which is more squared off then most traditional bicycle type thrones. That brought me to the consider the square shaped Roc N soc.
Does anyone have any experience with this shaped throne? If so your feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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I have the roc'n'soc but I prefer the Tama 1st chair/ergo rider seat as well, much more comfy.
I have two. both squared and I loveee them. It truly gives you support everywhere. The bicycle seat is ok but just like guys that ride bikes if you sit to long on them your family jewels could pay the price lol. My two squared thrones are more important to me than my drums. Hope this helps. I have a nitro for giging and motion for home.


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I tried the Round one the other day and really liked it. I'm pretty sure I have the Original but would probably benefit more from the Hugger, Round, or even the Square one. I don't think I realized there were two bicycle-styled seats when I bought mine.