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Can you imagine the possibilities once they perfect the third arm? For drummers it would mean a whole new world of polyrhythmic beats.

The cymbalism of a three-armed drummer is obvious. Much of the focus on prosthetic limbs is about restoring ability, healing that which is broken or at least returning an injured limb to a semi-functional state. But the same technology that replaces a broken arm could also give a person with two arms a brand-new third limb, in a way transcending the simple limitations of the organic body


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I posted about the same thing about a month ago :( Personally I'm excited! Hopefully if it ever comes to mass consumers, I would be able to make awesome progressive grooves. Quadruple strokes every where!


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Gives new meaning to the term drum machine.

Let's just remove all human-ness from drumming, yea!

It would be easier to get 2 people to play the same drumset. Heck, why stop at two? Then we could really play a lot of notes!

Icepicks! Where's my icepicks?


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Yes a third arm-you'd be known as the Human Tripod. Hey wait a minute best leave that alone LOL. I think it could be a useful training tool-any time you play off it will slap the crap out of you-you'll either be a punch drunk fool or a human metronome.

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I think it would be a cool piece of gear. I can keep time with the robotic arm and do all kinds of crazy stuff with my hands, but I think a third leg would be even cooler.


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I kind of always wondered why we don't use more left-foot percussion. Beyond "double bass" playing and a kick clave you don't see much out there. I think another snare or low tom or even anything not typically used on a kit would be awesome to use on the left foot.


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Couldn't they at least borrowed an arm from a Robot who could actually keep better time??

Scientists... *shakes head*