Robert Wyatt


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Soft Machine?

Matching Mole?

This guy is in the top 5 for me.

And this might be favorite clip on YouTube:
Hi there. It's great to see that someone else loves Robert Wyatt's drumming, which I agree is sublimely good. He would be top 10 for me. I was introduced to Soft Machine Third in the 80's and then the Matching Mole first album. I love his cymbal work for example on Slightly All The Time. Took a while to get used to his 'snares off' snare sound with MM but it's cool. The accident was such a tragedy but some great music followed for example the Rock Bottom album. That second clip is so 'out there' - a fantastic and exciting performance. Though not sure about the mask to be honest. Brilliant drummer, who deserves to be more widely appreciated.