ROBERT PAISTE (1932 - 2016)


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It is with deep sorrow that we announce the passing of Robert Paiste, family member, visionary cymbal maker and perennial company principal.

In the four generations of family members to guide the company, Robert was a foremost presence. His contribution was of immense importance, and he shaped Paiste in major ways.

Robert’s life-long focus was the development and production of cymbals and gongs. As an uncompromising perfectionist, he established the benchmarks for quality, fidelity and consistency that are the hallmarks of Paiste today.

Along the way, his work led to numerous innovations, inventions and patents, and among his many accomplishments, the Formula 602, the 2002, and the Signature Series continue to stand out in the cymbal world.

Robert’s contributions to the realm of cymbal and gong instruments in fact transcended his activities within the Paiste Company. Through his efforts, he shaped and influenced the direction of the entire field in the past half century. Never satisfied, he forever thought of new directions and possibilities to create instruments, indeed, he lived his life for sound:


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Great innovator and company.
They should commemorate and create or name a line or cymbal after him, the 'RP" line or Paiste '1932's'...his birth year.


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While sad for family and friends of his, I find this obit strangely uplifting. Seems like the guy had a great, long life in which he made major contributions to the art of music and metallurgy, and had a positive impact on countless lives, from inspiring musicians and listeners to providing employment and stability for workers and their families. Great legacy.

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"Sound is vibration, and vibration is energy. Life energy is vibration and sound, also. So, for us, sound is part of a very deep, basic truth. We are not the only ones who feel like this. There are so many musical-minded drummers who get the same exciting feeling from playing their cymbals. It's not just the sound. It's the vibration, the touch, how it feels, and how it speaks to the drummer. It's a wonderful feeling to produce something, hand it over to the drummers, and see them get the same response. There's a deep truth behind it." – Robert Paiste

RIP Mr. Robert Paiste


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So sorry to read this. May he Rest In Peace. I've only owned 1 Paiste thus far but it is absolutely the best cymbal I own.

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We've lost a craftsman, businessman and visionary extraordinaire.
His cymbals and gongs may prove over time to be some of the finest
instruments ever made.

Condolences to the entire Paiste family.



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I greatly appreciate Robert’s contributions. Robert’s endeavors have brought us products of quality and value. I am certain that the company will continue in the path of his lifes work.

I am currently working on picking up a 17" and a 19" crash to add to my SE 2002's soon, and an entire set of 602's in 2017.

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Wow sad news
Robert Zildjian, Vic Firth and now Robert Paiste.
Here's hoping that their vision and craftsmanship live on.