RMV concept


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hey guys, new to the thread. So I used to have a Renown Maple, got stolen, Have a catalina maples, it's alright... but my shop has a RMV Concept (8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 22x20) used one owner for 1095... really good shape. Can I get some opinions???


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RMV has not been distributed in the U.S. foe awhile now,but the drums I have heard were good sounding,the lugs were plastic,so I have no idea how long they will hold up,but that probably makes them light weight.They came on the market as a lower priced kit,so I don't know how good a price that is as compared to new when they were available.


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i've never seen an RMV drumkit (mainly because australia has lack of) but we have RMV drum skins over here, and i prefer them 100% to remo/evans. they are much cheaper and have as good tone/better durability.
I have owned mine for over 2 years now. I absolutely love them. No problems whatsoever with hardware. I will put mine up against any renowns or 100% Starclassic bubingas. They have the warmth of maple with better attack than birch. Getting very hard to find. I say grab them. Got pics? here are mine