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My 13" Gretsch Renown Maple has a buzz. Specifically the rivet on the badge makes a tiny, yet maddeningly audible buzzing noise when I strike the tom. Has anyone experienced this? Any idea on how to resolve it?



I am sure someone more knowledgeable than me will post on here but here is what I would try if I had a loose rivet:

Take a bolt small enough to go through the hole with two washers slightly bigger than the rivet.
Take a head off the drum and put the bolt through the hole with one washer on each side of the rivet.
Gently and slowly tightly up a nut till the washers squeeze the rivet down a bit to tighten it so it doesn't rattle. The rivet is just pressed in there on both sides of the hole correct?
When you back off the nut and take the bolt out, the rivet should be snugged down again with no rattle.

I have no experience doing this so be cautious, but that is what I would do if I had that issue.
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Thanks for the replies everyone. I sent an email to the shop where I purchased the drums to see what they think. Unfortunately I live 100 miles away so popping by with the drum is no easy feat. My sales rep suggested the following;

1- Take the bottom head off the drum and check all the screws holding in each lug. There are 20 screws in total inside that drum. So one could be loose. They take a Phillips head screw driver.

2 - While you have the bottom head off, check the grommet that holds the badge in place. Maybe the back part of it has come loose.

3- check the drum key screws on your memory lock that holds the drum in place on your double tom stand.

4- If all of the above does not work, try a complete re tuning of the drum. Top and bottom heads. Put the drum back on the stand, give it a hit and see if the undesired noise is still there.

5- I know it sounds silly but also make sure the tom is not bumping anything. Touching the snare ore the bass drum.

I wrote and told him 3 and 5 were out as I tested the drum off the stand and away from the kit. You can actually feel the rivet move. I'll try re-tuning but I think any tone I get from the heads will cause it to vibrate.

Those threaded rivets are nice but I'd prefer to keep the drum original. T-Rex, your idea sounds like it might work. I'd just be worried about scratching the finish on the outside portion of the rivet.

Thanks again for the replies!


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Throw rubber washers on the inside of the regular washers, and you've got yourself some scratch protection!


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An old, easy way to fix 'em is- no joke- literally just shove a stick in there. It's very easy and it worked on my Superstars. Might not work on yours, I don't know.
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Unfortunately this is a known problem with some of the Gretsch Renown series drums. Brand new from the showroom I had two rack toms with loose grommets. After some initial trial and error with different "fixes", I repaired mine with a touch of glue on a toothpick inserted around the grommet from inside the shell. This was about four years ago and its held up nicely and it's not detectable.



Thanks everyone again for the tips on grommet repair (not rivet as I mistakenly mentioned in the thread title). I'm going to try a few when I have a chance this weekend.

Now I'm off to have a wisdom tooth yanked : (

I'd rather be drumming! Even with a buzz...