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Oh no my condolences to his friends and family. Can't deny he's one of the drummers who influenced me as a younger man (Cream and Blind Faith, etc.). Made it to 80 and a life well lived.


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Yep, sucks to hear. Sunshine Of Your Love is a favorite of mine. He was truly unique and one of a kind drummer. Someone you wouldn't wanna mess with!

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I'll never forget the day the lead guitarist in our garage band dropped the needle on a recently released UK album entitled Disraeli Gears.
For a 12-year-old drummer that was one of my earlier musical epiphanies. Mind melding.

I for one will always appreciate Ginger's influence and his contribution to music. Godspeed.


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Yup, he was a major influence on me, the way he phrased his drums, both rhythm & fills. He also defined the straight-8 feel in rock at the time. Very "squared up".

It bummed me out when I saw that documentary on him, and how bipolar/angry he was.


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I'm amazed he made it half way to 80 never mind 80.

Angry man but one hell of a drummer. White Room 5/4 intro and the drum track in general, years ahead of his time.

rain dog

I knew it was coming but still bummed Ginger has passed. Peter Edward Baker was the guy who set the limit for others. His early double bass work cannot be denied or duplicated. After hearing Toad and then Do What You LIke .. I put up my sticks for a while knowing I would never play at that level .. but after a while I realized I could get pretty close. So glad he lived as long as he did though. In my world GB was always one of the best.


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Ginger changed the landscape. He stands with the greats of 60s rock. Moon brought manic frenzy. Bonham brought a thunderous groove. Mitchell brought jazz chops and fire. Baker mixed rudiments, swing and African rhythms. One of the Rock Giants. God bless him.