RIP Freddie Gruber..



Didn't know much about you other than you helped my favorite player so I thank you.


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That man taught the giants,including Buddy Rich.RIP Freddie,there are too few of those like you in this world.

Steve B


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I did not have much knowledge of this guy, in fact when I saw the Rush movie and Neil had Freddie showing his teachings, that was the first time seeing him I couldn't help but think, man I hope he didn't pay him too much. Seriously though, I get what he was teaching and it is valuable stuff that many don't get until their later years, including Neil. The art of movement.


They posed some Freddy Links on "The Drum Channel" site this week in his honor. I know all about him from Neil's books and some other stuff I'd read, but never actuall y heard him speak.

After watching them, All I can say is......Wow !!!

What a character. While He had that air of quiet cool that all the old jazz/be bop guys have he came off sort of like a drumming Keith Richards. Tough to understand, very funny, and certainly from some other planet. But those other drummers in the room, you can tell, love him.