RIP Christine McVie


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Oh no! I'm sorry to hear that. 😔

Jeremy Bender

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Bummer. I liked her musical contribution to the band.


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Christine McVie, the English musician whose smoky vocals and romantic lyrics helped catapult the rock group Fleetwood Mac to international success, died Wednesday, the band and her family announced on social media.

She was 79.


When the newscaster mentioned tonight that someone from Fleetwood Mac died, I just assumed it was John McVie for some reason, as he had been ill a while back. When she said it was Christine, it hit me hard. I never expected she'd leave us, but she was 79, and still supposedly in good health. Very sad.

I admittedly had a thing for Christine. I remember seeing her with Fleetwood Mac around the time of Kiln House, at the Fillmore East. Nobody ever looked better (with the exception of Jane Fonda) in a shag haircut, and those sultry vocals really made an impression on me at around 19-20.

You can see how beautiful she was in those two videos posted. Sorry to see such a talented lady pass away.


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Too bad. While I like Lindsey's edgy tunes, I always thought Christine was the best musician and songwriter in the band. She had a lot of hooks set to simple lyrics.
She joined in 1970 and saw them out of their 'blues' period. Some fans hated that transition but it made them every success, and they may not have survived the 70's without her joining.
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Oh dear so many emotions on this one. I remember her as Christine Perfect singing I'd Rather Go Blind as part of Chickenshack circa 1969. Also won Melody Makers vocalist of the year. Seemed to be her & Sandy Denny's time to shine.

And then bigger things with Fleetwood Mac especially once Stevie & Lindsay joined.

So sad that she's no longer with us but no one lives forever except in our emotions.


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Definitely my favorite member of Fleetwood Mac. Great songwriter, pianist, singer. It's too bad she was overshadowed in the cultural zeitgeist by Buckingham and Nicks. Sad times for sure, but I'm glad to see she is fondly remembered!