RIP Chick Corea


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I wrote him a letter once at the lowest point in my career, hoping for catharsis, but never expecting a reply. It was a pleasant surprise that he actually did write back with words of encouragement. I wrote again when things started improving, and he wrote back again with more encouragement. Thank you Chick. I will always hold your kind words and your music dear to my heart.


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Rest In Peace you absolute legend.

Rendezvous in New York will forever be a part of me. I remember having to pre-sale order it from Sam Goody during my formative years.

Today’s playlist is going to be🔥


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This was tough as i discovered him through Dave Weckl.
Chick just had such a smooth way of playing & his compositions were top notch.

He'll be missed for sure.
Saw him back in the early 90s with his electric band (Weckl) on the Beneath the Mask tour.
Fantastic gig.
That is still a landmark fusion album.
The production is superb and songs like Illusions are masterpieces.
Big loss to the jazz and fusion world.


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This is my favorite version of Spain with Acoustik Band. Dave Weckl is doing a splendid job on the drums.. I think everything it's perfect.

At 55:10.. the version I like is embeded in the whole album, not available individually.

For me, it all started with Chick Corea and Acoustik Band when I was about 19 years old, my jazz enlightment, it was Chick!


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If there's a jazz/fusion heaven well you know they've got a hell of a band. He was truly gifted but can you imagine what he sounds like now!?..HEAVENLY would be an understatement.

I always though Chic would have been great with Hendrix....

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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"We’re serious about our art, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously."



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His last facebook post was an amazing message to all musicians, it showed truly what a great person and artist he was.