RIP Aker Bilk


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RIP a great jazz legend, may he be playing the great concert in heaven.
I was watching Boardwalk Empire earlier and, about 5th or 6th episode, the end music is that famous piece of clarinet music Acker Bilk is famous for (sorry, I have NO idea what it's called).

The episode ends, I turn the news on....right there...he's on BBC News 24 playing that exact piece.

Shivers up me spine


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Strangers On The Shore would be his most famous, among none Jazz people at least. Probably that, without hearing the series.


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Yep, yours was far better put together, and mine was first, my apologies for not doing the detail you did to do him justice. Hope no offense was caused.


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Not just 'Acker Bilk," but "Mr. Acker Bilk."

Good memories. Mom and Dad had his albums when I was a kid. I'd bet that if I went spelunking in Dad's basement, those old albums would turn up.


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As soon as I read this I could hear that song Strangers on the Shore in my mind. I haven't thought of that song in decades. Wow... music leaves such an imprint in our memories.


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Don't know about you, but I dont think enough parents call there boys "Acker".

Or Bernard..............Born Bernard Stanley Bilk....Bilk adopted the name Acker from a local slang term for friend.
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