Ringo should have performed at Candlestick Park not just Paul


It wasn't The Paul McCartneys that played their final gig ever at Candlestick Park, it was The Beatles... Why wasn't Ringo on that stage?

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This is the last event ever at Candlestick. It's not a Beatles tribute. Coincidentally the Beatles played their last gig there. I fail to see why Paul (who is on tour) needed to have Ringo (who is not on tour) at one of his tour dates in order to satisfy some public need for symmetry. Life doesn't work like that. Just enjoy Paul and Ringo while we have them.


Paul showed pictures of THE BEATLES at the gig on the big screen. He did that for the public, no? Is he the only Beatle alive?

All I'm saying is that it's the human band mate thing to do, "we played our last gig here with our old band, Ringo, lets get together for a song. I'm doing this for the public and the fans, so join me because you were in this too, Buddy"... right?

Unless he did ask and Ringo just wasn't into it... I won't assume what I don't know but It would have been cool.


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But seriously, at least have him out for a song or two, right? I know, I know...Octopus's Garden, I get it
And why?
And is it not conceivable that Ringo was busy? Do we think he's just sitting around waiting for a call, for the reunion performances?

The Beatles ended over 40 years ago. Wars have come and gone, babies were born, lives lost, life rolls on.

They are two people, with their own independent lives. The Zep reunion is another bee in my bonnet. These guys are done that and get to lead new lives.
Yeah, it's a little hard to say it's not important because it was so long ago when the whole justification behind McCartney still touring is Beatles nostalgia.

I do think Paul McCartney has tried to take too much ownership of the Beatles as time has continued and others have died and lost the ability to defend their contribution.

And I like Paul McCartney. I was never one of the people who thought he was lame or anything, he wrote (and sang) a lot of great songs.

But the way people treat McCartney like "the only surviving Beatle" and Ringo as "a drummer ... and not a very good drummer anyway" kind of speaks to the whole issue of drummers being taken seriously as musicians.


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Maybe because the concert booked was for Paul McCartney and that's what the public paid to see. The public (what ever that is) got what they paid for. And since Paul does about 3 hours non-stop, I imagine they got way more than they expected.


Why wasn't Ringo on that stage?
He was working the stands selling beer and throwing peanuts!

And technically they'd have to rewrite all the historical references making the 1966 event as being the Beatles SECOND to last concert performance.


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While I'd like to see Ringo ,with Paul more often,both have their seperate lives,and projects.Playing together would also require rehersal time,and close proximity,which just not in the cards.Great thought though.:)

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The Beatles-Candlestick connection really holds meaning to fans of Candlestick, and some Beatles fans. I highly doubt Paul or Ringo themselves think the venue hold that much significance in their minds.

Look at Paul's tour dates, he was doing a West Coast run anyway, so he needed a venue in the Bay Area, and it just happen to line up. It's not as if Paul went out of his way to play Candlestick one last time.

It was a nice marketing serendipity: Paul is on tour, Candlestick is closing, hey, it lines up, let's make a deal about it so we can sell some extra tickets.

Meanwhile, Ringo has been on tour all of July. He's going back on our tour for all of October. He's clearly taking a break during August. He is probably relaxing at one of his several estates. Why the heck would he want to get on an airplane and fly all the way to San Francisco just to make a cameo appearance and sing 2 or 3 songs? It's a lot of travel and time out of his week just to be on stage for maybe 10-20 minutes.

It's not like Candlestick is the only venue the Beatles have played that has been torn down, so I would find hard to believe Ringo would feel any more or less nostalgia for Candlestick than any other venue. .