Ringo is sooo underrated

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"Ringo developed from a straight rock drummer into quite a musical thinker. He was always trying out different ideas." -George Martin on "I Feel Fine", Rolling Stone magazine, The Beatles 100 Greatest Songs issue

"Ringo's very characteristic drumming" -George Martin on "Tommorow Never Knows", Anthology DVD

I bought the Rolling Stone Beatles 100 Greatest Songs issue, and there are plenty of quotes about Ringo, which I will post more here when I have the time. :)
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In all honesty, these threads are getting a little tiring.

a) There's a huge Ringo thread already, which you have contributed to.
b) I see more admirers than detractors here on DW. And even if that wasn't the case...well, "you can please all of the people some of the time........."
c) You only ever post on Ringo....specifically in order to defend that which really doesn't need defending.

It really seems to me that you are just fishing for controversy. I get that you're a big fan and I think that's great, but it'd be nice to see you add something else to the forum other than just regurgitated opinions via a quick 'cut and paste', on how others view Ringo. Why not just be content with his body of work and enjoy it for what it is?

Not trying to be a prick, but I thought it was worth noting.

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