Rikki Rockett's kit


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I love that set up. Really liked his double bass kit too.

Blk Diamond

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Awesome video from Rikki Rockett. I absolutely love his drums and style of drumming!

I got to see Rikki preform live with Poison in the 2022 Stadium Tour a week ago up in Milwaukee!
Always a good show. Not to mention, getting to see a couple of my other favorites like Rick Allen and Tommy Lee preform that night as well. :)
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Cool kit, always enjoy checking out these kind of videos…still think he should have gone with “Rokki Rackett” as a stage name though!:)(y)
I would have gone with "Rocky Rucksack".


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He's always had the craziest kits that would only fit with Poison. He had his own drum company for a little while.


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Interesting that he has the old Sabian logo on his cymbals. Most rock guys have shiny new cymbals for each tour. Maybe he hates it too, LOL!


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I saw Poison in '89 or '90 and they put on a great show. Rikki sounded great then and the feedback I'm hearing is he's sounding great now. Glad they're still at it and enjoying it.