Right hand tension?

Liebe zeit

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At least I think it's that. I can't seem to get through one of my bands tunes in rehearsal without my right hand missing a beat or f***ing up in some way, only once, but it happens 9 times out of 10. We mostly play tunes with not many fills, often quite slow ones with quite prominent ride or hats. I think I may be over-focusing my attention on it during playing. Also I've been heavily dosing on Stick Control during practice for 2 - 3 months, which I started to do to smooth out my fills. I wonder if it's time to move onto a larger amount of groove practice (and Stick Control on the feet)?

Thoughts anyone?


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relax brother....and let it flow through you....

you are a conduit for the groove .......dont try to force things

dont choke the stick ...let it breathe .....let it do the work ....you just control it

break out the met and the pad and go to town