Right hand pain.


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Hi all,

I've been drumming for 4 years, mostly on an electronic kit as it allows me to work on technique without making too much noise.

Today I did a couple of hours (of spirited playing- it was nice to make noise again) on the acoustic kit and I have a tingly right hand that is a bit sore.
Is this just because I've gone from whacking rubber pads to hitting metal?
Are there any obvious technique issues that could be causing this?
Is it something you get used to?

Thanks folks.

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Right hand pain on the Hats typically has two causes:

1: Improper technique
2: Hitting too hard.

The difference in surface rigidity between an eKit and an aKit will result in a little of both. For me, the solution was to move my rudimental workout/practice from the snare to the hat for a few weeks.

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My wrists hurt a little also. I think I play drums too much sometimes.