Right footer leading with left foot while using my doulbe bass

Ive had my double pedal for about ehhh maybe about 3 months and been fine at it for the most part but ive noticed that i sometimes lead with my left foot especially when i do quads i HAVE to lead with my left foot when i do quads i really dont know how this developed i am self taught so sometimes you teach yourself bad habits. but anyway it really wasnt a problem until i wanted to start to get a little more complicated with the bass patterns i play i will usually end up throwing in an extra kick then i want too and im not totally sure whats happening i think i developed a very bad habit when i first started with my double pedal. anyway what can i do about this?


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Start over again.

I'm serious. Start from square one, take it slow, and build up the muscle memory of right foot lead, if that's really what you want. You're only a few months into it, so it's not that big of a loss to cut...

I would recommend learning every pattern you can think of and getting comfortable with all of them. The idea is to be so comfortable with your coordination that you don't get hung up on "what foot do I start with?", but you play what you feel, and it feels natural.

For a quick example...quads! Learn the "hand hand foot foot" coordination all four ways...


...then, permute them so you do a "hand foot foot hand" coordination. Then "foot foot hand hand" and finally "foot hand hand foot". You'll have 16 total ways to do it, and you'll be able to phrase it starting/ending with any limb/drum/cymbal. Make sure to create some kind of musical context for each "exercise" so you actually use them. Also, practice your rudiments with just your feet, and then between your feet and hands. You'll find yourself getting totally comfortable with it in no time, as long as you put the practice time in.

Good luck! Hope this helps!