right foot problems


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my right foot hurts a lot whenever i play around 200bpm with double bass. i have noticed that it is not as movable as my left foot and it sometimes even goes downright stiff after a few minutes of playing. can someone help me out with this?.


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Hi and welcome to the forum.

Please give us a bit more info:
How long have you been into double bass playing, which techniques do you use?
Do you warm up properly? Are there any medical conditions?
What kind of pain is it?
Your issues might stem from some foot technique issues.


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i am relatively new to double bass drumming,only about a couple of months i guess. i use the heel up technique. i dont really do any warm up exercises, i usually start with a slow song. the problem is that my right foot feels less flexible and tires easily.
i dont suffer from any medical condition. i dont really know how to describe the pain but its kinda like the pain you get when you overexert yourself. the pain fades after like 5 minutes of rest