"Ride Toms?"


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Why does every Craigslist ad I see for drum kits suddenly seem to be telling me about the kit's "ride toms?"

Have I gone sliding into another new dimension...again?

Bo Eder

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I thought you were referring to how John Wackerman (one of those wacky Wackermans, anyway) mounted his toms above his cymbals because it made more sense to put the things he played more in comfortable spots....


The term "ride tom" was used regularly years ago, but I still hear reference to it. I actually still hear the term "sock cymbals" as in reference to hi hats by some ole timers, although "sock" stands were much shorter, but still used two cymbals.



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"Mounted tom" or "mounted tom tom" are the only designations that've ever made sense to me. Well, I'd fully embrace "rack tom" if I had a rack, but...

(God, that last sentence is ripe with ops for bad sex puns. Must resist....)