Ride Ponderance


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Greetings All!

Been lurking here a spell and gaining knowledge to help my playing along (and thank you!)

So, I'm considering a ride purchase. So far it's between a Zildjian K 20" and a Paiste Sig Dry Crisp Ride. I'd be open to other suggestions too, but I like each of these a great deal.

I play a lighter touch and stick for the most part with a four-piece bop rig, and I go for groove over power. So, not Metal or Hard Rock, but Country, Blues, Folk, Lighter Rock, some Funk and Reggae. My style is, however, in a state of evolution as I carry yet the mantle of Noob.

Any suggestions or reccomendations? Preferences?


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I love groove, it's what I live for.

Honestly that 20" K will do you well. The Twenty series is great too but K is classic.

I have a K Custom Crash Ride 20" that I think sounds fabulous. A little bit brasher than the K Ride, but still great nonetheless.

My vote goes to the Zildjian 20" K Ride.


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+1 for the K.
I have a 20" K ride and love it. Very groovy, great for a small band, really fits that 'groove over power' remit.
Also surprisingly versatile - I even used mine for a rock gig last month.


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This is kind of getting into apples and oranges, I would think.

I've found that the primary difference between Zildjian and Paiste is that Paiste's wash tends to have more of a silvery characteristic and Zildjian's wash has a bit more of a trashy characteristic. I also know that Paiste tends to have cymbals that are slightly less dry than their turkish counterparts.

They're both great cymbals, and you have that classic K sound up for offer, but I really think that it would do you best to hear them side by side for yourself and weigh them against each other based on application.


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Thanks for the thoughts so far (and I welcome others).

I have played an example of each, though not side-by-side.

I forgot to mention that I play 13" K hats, an 18" Dream Bliss crash/ride, and a 15" Sig fast crash, each of which I like and plan to continue with for now.

I need to play the K ride with my others to hear how it sits. But damn, the (used) one I played recently really sounded terrific.