Ride and two crash set ups

Has anyone bit a cymbal from an Inde maker like Moon or the others Timothy Roberts,?
I know this guy bit one of his Zildjians...
20" Paiste Giant Beat 20" Multi (Ride)
18" Paiste Signature full crash
17" Zildjian Trash Crash
14" Zildjian New Beat HH
How is that 20" GB working for you? Do you tame that it at all?

I've really wanted to use mine as a ride but it just washes out too much. That, and I prefer the bell on my actual ride cymbals. The 20" GB is an amazing crash though.
all bosphorus
20" Trad Thin Ride left
20" Thin Ride Turk right
19" Turk paper thin crash far right
14" Trad Dark Hats

I guess that's three



the other set has a single 20 old A
and a 13" thin Intermediate old K over a heavy 14" New Stamp old K hi hat


😁 sure is funky
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Paiste Signature Dark Energy 16“ & 18“ Crash
Paiste Signature Dark Energy 20“ Ride MKI
Paiste Signature Dark Energy 17“ & 19“ Crash
Paiste Signature Dark Energy 21“ Ride MKII
Paiste Signature Dark Energy 18“ & 20“ Crash
Paiste Signature Dark Energy 22“ Ride MKI
20" K ride
18" K thin dark crash
16" A thin crash

I have a few others I've rotated in and out but this has been my go-to for a few years now.
Regarding the 18 K thin dark crash, if I have to gig with one cymbal - like a super cramped teeny tiny club - that's the one I use. It has a nice soft and dark ride sound in addition to versatile crash and dome sounds.

Bonus entry: Hats are a 42-year pair of 14" new beats. Gues they aren't that new anymore, huh?
I scaled back to this for a bit.

23" Meinl Byzance Heavy Ride
21" Sabian AA Bash Ride(as a crash)
19" Sabian AAX Xplosion Crash

However, I have brought an 18" Xplosion Crash back into the mix.
22” Meinl Byzance Equalibrium Ride
20” Meinl Byzance Extra Dry Crash
20” Meinl Byzance Extra Thin Hammered Crash

I love this setup. Occasionally I throw a 19” Meinl Byzance Polyphonic Crash in the mix.
A Custom crash 17, 18
K Custom Dark ride 20

K Custom Dark crash 17, 18
K Custom Dark ride 20