Rewrap of Sonor Force 2001.


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If this is in the wrong area I apologize...

I got this idea to rewrap a kit in a vinyl wrap from this thread:!

Rather than repeat what I did, let me just say that I pretty much followed what the poster Barjack did in that thread, from the amount used (2 yards) to the gluing and cutting. He's dead on in his instruction.

Several years ago I pieced together off eBay a Sonor Force 2001 with the intentions of building a beater kit. After a while I "refinished" it by sanding it down, painting it and splattering with blue paint. Sounds horrifc, but it actually turned out looking decent and held up well.

A few years later I decided to do the vinyl wrap project like in the linked thread. Thanks to Barjack's experience I side stepped having the grief of learning the hard way how to do a few tricks. This was probably one of the more simple projects I have tackled.

The set after I did the paint job a few years ago:

Sanding the shell:

Applying the wrap (This was the only shell I did not completely sand the paint off...I don't know why)

Finished product:

It was an overcast day when I took the photos so the sparkle does not show well. The last pic was taken inside with a flash so it shows better.

I put some Evans EC2s on it and it sounds great. So far it has held up well, but I haven't left it in the car all day in 90 degree temps or left it overnight in the car when it was freezing either.

Minus the heads and with vinyl, sandpaper, and spray adhesive, I figure I have about $65 in the project.
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Wow I didn't even see this thread here. I only noticed it because out of the corner of my eye I saw Force 2001.

I play Force 2001's. Mine is the matte red grain. Its my favorite drum color in the whole world.

Pretty cool what you are doing here!