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hello fellow rhythm enthusiasts!

I'm very honored to have three amazing drummers endorse my latest DVD, The Latin Funk Connection.

Kenny Aronoff: "Chucks DVD brings the coolest Funk beats together with some great latin beats, concepts and feels that are amazing and useful regardless of what style of music you play. Chuck also is a very good teacher and exp...lains everything amazingly. "

David Garibaldi: "Chuck has connected funk and latin music in a way that's easy to understand. Plus, he explains his personal concept really well, not only with words but with some great drumming. Very impressive!"

Dennis Chambers
: I had a chance to view your DVD last night. It's excellent Chuck. The way this DVD was recorded and the way you broke these rhythms down simply allows the viewer to see and hear clearly so there's no misunderstanding. I loved it! Hey!!!! Just listening to this makes me want to go down stairs in work some things out.

Hope you have a moment to check it out!




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I don't know how a DVD could be any more successful than making Dennis Chambers want to practice. Nice job, I'll be checking out the DVD (love everything else you've put out!).


Chuck is the best. I remember years ago I bought the drummers from cuba vhs tape and was blown away with the drummers I witnessed. I had a question about all the use of double strokes on the double pedal so I thought what the heck I will see if I can email Chuck and ask him what he knew about this. Mind you this is when Virgil could only play 16ths at 180 bpms with doubles and this concept wasnt what it is now. Anyway, before I knew it, I get an email from Chuck answering my questions. He ask the guys on the video, Jimmy Branly and Raul Pineda, about it and relayed their answers to me. Wow this guy is a busy guy and took time for little ol' me to get my questions answered. So thanks Chuck for being a class act and I will most definitely check out this anything new you put out.

Bryan West


Thanks everyone for the responses and comments!
James Gadson just wrote me and said:
"a great study, very illustrated, i am checking it out again today".
For those of you who don't know James or his should!

I am truly honored.

Time to make some coffee!!



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Great DVD. I've been using it in preparation for a workshop I am doing next month at Guitar Center. It has been very valuable. It traces the ideas of funk back so you get an historical perspective while not losing the personal take. Then shows how you can integrate various Latin ideas into your grooves. Nice.


hey Ken

anything else I can help you with, let me know. Thanks for the kind words re: my new DVD. There are more in the pipeline if this one does well. So far so good!



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i bought your afro cuban book and i've been going through that with my drum teacher. i'll bring this dvd to his attention too. he's always mixing funk and latin in his own playing and i'll bet he'd be impressed by this.