Review: Tama MC67 Universal Clamp


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Just wanted to write a quick review of the most awesome clamp I've ever seen/used.

The Tama MC67 Universal Clamp is an amazing and versatile piece of hardware.

This clamp has 2 points of 360 degree rotation for ultimate flexibilty in positioning. Design of the clamp has hinged bolts with wingnuts on each of the two clamping parts so taking it on and off a stand is extremely easy. All you do is unscrew the wingnut 1-2 turns and flip it out to remove from a stand.
The clamp can hold a 12mm to 25.4 mm rod or pipe at any angle you can think of. The clamp is also fairly light weight and very sturdy.

I personally use this clamp on a cymbal stand with a pearl tom arm to hold my remote hi-hat. This solution allows me to put the hi-hat exactly where i need it.


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I have that exact clamp and use it for a splash cymbal holder. I'm n ot sue if it will hold up a tom as big as 12 inches.
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i am. the one tama clamp i have isnt even as good as this one and i have it hooked up the a cymbal stand.... what is it holding you ask?

oh nothing.. just my 12 and 13 inch toms and the mount that is supposed to be on my bassdrum.

yes, one clamp is holding up the weight from my stage custom's 12 and 13 inch toms.

tama hardware doesnt f*** around.


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Hi I'm looking for a clamp to mount my 12" tom to my cymbal stand. Would this work?
this clamp would easily hold a 12" tom and tom arm in place, however its probably not necessary to use a clamp like this. there's a lot of tom holder clamps specifically built for that purpose.
the advantage of using a clamp like this is its flexibility in positioning.


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yeah... just keep in mind I use this for holding my remote cable hi-hat in position... it needed to be precisely placed and a decent distance from the stand due to the 13" or 14" width of my hat. something like this is best used for awkward positioning or whatever