Review of Sonor AQ2 Bop Kit

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Yes - Xilxo West Coast model. Very thin and crashable. It shimmies when you ride it. Good wash and also good shimmer, but decays quickly (pretty tough combo wash+fast decay). Can clearly hear stick but stick isn’t a metallic ping and it’s also not a dull wooden thud. Can play very soft or moderately loud in a jazz setting. We're using it in trio now. Not punk. Not grunge. Not metal. Not Top 40. Not rock. Not country or rockabilly. Playing small jazz pieces and Chicago and Memphis-style blues (well, also some pieces like "Crazy Mama" which has a real slow groove Jerry Garcia sound to it. But more pieces like "Bumpin' on Sunset" by Wes Montgomery, and Miles Davis "All Blues" then some Sylvester Weaver tunes since he lived here in Louisville, or Albert King version of "Cross Cut Saw"). This cymbal is perfect for all of those in a trio.

I went to Cymbal House with intention of buying an Agop, or maybe a Bos. I hadn’t heard Mehmets before so I was interested in those, too. The Xilxo is the one I came back with that checked all the boxes for the sound I wanted.

It's a Xilxo... West Coast model. Custom made by Bosphorous for the Cymbal House in KY. You can read more about it and RB's quest here...


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Hey DCP, what is the general lead time ordering a good sized Gretsch Brooklyn series kit? Plus, is Black Oyster still available as special order?


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Please PM the OP about the cymbal and the Gretsch drums. This is a Sonor drum review. Thanks