Reverb - Crazy Hard Drum Quiz


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Some questions are crazy, the serial number of the old mc Brain Sonor ? Really ? I'm sure he doesn't know himself.
I'm surprised about the black oyster thing though.


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I got a 76%. I missed the Paiste question, the Nicko McBrain kit, and the Zildjian stamp question.


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Those questions were sort of ridiculous.

I'm not apologizing for not knowing Nick McBrain's drums' model number.



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I don't believe the order for Bonham's first Ludwig kit has ever actually been confirmed. How positive are we that it's a 14 and not a 15? It has 8 lugs, unlike his six-lug green sparkle 14. There's also a chance one of his maple kicks was a 26x16. I don't think that's been confirmed yet, just speculated on by Bonzoleum, but if Terry had concrete proof of the order list I'm sure it'd include the tom size and we'd all know by now.
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If I took the quiz blindfolded I think I would have faired better. But it was educational although ask me in a week and I won’t remember none of the minutiae.


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Some smart folks on here, nice work! How do you know some of this stuff? I scored way higher than I shoulda with lucky guesses. Now if you gimme a quiz about drummers or music, and that my friend, that is a quiz I would also probably not do so well at.


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I got 53%. I guessed at a couple and got them right. I also guessed at a couple and got them wrong.