Reverb beginning to suck


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Ordered set of Ludwig mounts last night off Reverb and discovered I don't need them
Cancelled this AM and even though they have not shipped ,reseller says I cannot have refund because he already paid for shipping.
So UPS will nut refund even though item was never shipped?
When you receive them put them back on Reverb use his pictures and raise the price ; )
a little..
Is that a Reverb issue or is it a seller issue?

I’m unfamiliar with how Reverb works - do they take the money for shipping immediately when you pay for something? That doesn’t sound right.

But if you paid with a credit card, couldn’t you contact the credit card company and stop the charge?
If it is an individual seller (which it most likely is), UPS is not going to refund them. So he most likely paid for shipping when you purchased the item, and he won't be getting it back. I would ask for a refund minus the shipping costs (even if the shipping was listed as free).

UPS is not in the refunding business.

Technically, this is not the seller's fault. A buyer that buys something, and then regrets buying it, is subject to the seller's personal policy. That includes how a refund is given (full, restocking fee, less any shipping and handling, etc.). This is a person, not a company. The money has gotta come from somewhere.
But, in response to the title, I agree. I don't even look on there anymore. Buying from Reverb is like buying brand new when you factor in shipping and tax. The used prices are ridiculous these days, then the hassle of dealing with wildcard of used equipment with no warranty/customer service... count me out. Don't even get me started on the "Make an Offer" option. When all is said and done, I end up spending about $30-80 more for a brand new item, which is negligible to me when it comes to peace of mind.