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I dug out my old retro metronome trying to hone my tempo and realized how much I prefer the acoustic real dead metal slapping together vs a beep from a speaker.
I have Pro Metronome on my phone mainly for gig set lists and starting tempo references. It has a rhythm trainer with sub divisions and mutes for how ever many bars you want before coming back on but I much prefer the Franz's real acoustic sound.



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You bring back old memories. Ah the Franz metronome. I had the same one. It was the device I was so sure that was somehow flawed. Because it couldn't possibly be my time. Thanks.


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Wow that's old-just reading the Franz metronome was invented in 1938. So my Dad would have used it when he played. I bet it is better built than anything of today. Well not much of a bet-a sure bet.


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Good name for a band who's older and plays older stuff. The drummer would have to have perfect timing though. Lol