Retr0bright on Blue Oyster Pearl?


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I have three second gen Ludwig Blue Oyster Pearl drums with wrap that is much darker than the others I have of the same vintage. I have several that have a really nice bright blue with very nice pearl in them.

It looks like the wrap has yellowed and I am wondering if the Retr0bright might bring them back to life like it does for the WMP that has yellowed.

Has anyone tried the Retr0bright mix on any yellowed Ludwig wrap other than WMP?


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Send a PM to Larryace, forum member, as to what he used to remove yellow from one of his kits.


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Retrobright will restore that wrap to its original lustre. I used the original recipe.

I did it on a set of 1976 Ludwigs with a yellowed WMP wrap. Results: Perfect white, all yellow gone. I couldn't believe my eyes.

If I was going to do it again, I would leave the hardware on, (less work, no need to remove) and apply the retrobright with a paint brush instead of a scrub brush. It won't harm chrome. There is absolutely no need to scrub it into the finish. Just paint it on and set it in the sun, turning it to expose all sides to direct sunlight. I rewetted with peroxide in a spray a bunch of times when it dried.

That stuff is a regular miracle. It won't work on yellowed lacquers, I tried on a set of Mapex. Any wrap after 1967 will be fine. There is a possible issue with wraps made before 1966 IIRC. I can't speak intelligently about the possible issue, I never tried it on a pre 66 wrap. Materials cost me about $30 USD. I highly recommend it. I did my drums in 2011 I think, and they still look perfect.