Rest in Peace Chris Cornell of Soundgarden


Terrible news to wake up to this morning! RIP.
KEXP radio is doing a huge Cornell show at the moment.


OMG! So shocked right now. Huge Soundgarden fan. I listened to Superunknown over and over again everyday for a year when it came out. Drove my roommates nuts. Can't believe this. Rock on Chris. You will be missed.


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Passings like these are so freakin sad.

Life is such a blessing, I feel every solution has to be better than that one.

PM if you ever feel close to losing it and feel you have no one else. I'll fly over and spend time with you.

We each have our dark side, my solution was a plane ticket and living a different life for a month or so and It gave me perspective.

Not so easy, I know, but you have people who care about you.

Condolences to all his loved ones.