Resos for Clear EC2s?


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What resos would you guys recommend for clear EC2 batters? I'm looking for a deep, resonant "doooo" sound; I chose the EC2s because they seem to get rid of all the unwanted, excess overtones.

I was thinking either clear G1s or G Pluses, anyone have any recommendations?



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Definitely the G Pluses... there's a big thread about arguments over whether or not is a better resonant head, but I can attest to the definite extension in the length of the resonating tone and I would even go so far as to say a warmer "doooo" sound that you're looking for.

The G1s would serve you well too, but I'm definitely voting for the G Plus heads on this one.


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They do make EC resonant heads... I'm not exactly suggesting them 'cause I haven't tried them YET... Just throwing it out there.


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I personal go with the combination of EC2's over G1's both sets are clear. I haven't used the G-Plus, I would recommend the Ec2 and G1 combo though.


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EC2's are already quite a muted head, so anything less lively than a G1 is really going to reduce your sustain from a "Dooo" to a "Doh". I used EC2's over G1's but found the EC2's became dead quite quickly. If a dead thud is what you want, then great, but useless for live work.


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I'd go with the G-Plus, because it should give back a little sustain and round out the sound of the drum a bit.

Perhaps an uncommon choice but I just used Strata 1000's under my EC2's recently and really loved the sound. With the Strata on bottom I still had the focus and control of the EC2 but the toms were warmer and the tone more balanced.