reso head tighter or looser than the batter


"Uncle Larry"
I'm curious as to how the majority of drummers tune. Would you say you tune your reso heads tighter, looser, or the same as your batter. I definitely go tighter on the reso, I've tried lower, but the drums sound tubby and squonky to me, I've tried tuning them to the same tension, and thats an improvement to my ear, but I most definitely prefer a tighter reso head. How about you?


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I tune them about the same, with the reso erring on the side of being tighter. When you do that, the sound escapes more out of the batter side of the drum I've heard. Can anyone valitdate this?

When I tune the batter heads up without tuning up the resos, it sounds choked off and dead. When I tune up the resos to match the batter again, suddenly the life comes back to the drum. I can't explain it, but it works, so I go with it.


"Uncle Larry"
So Caddy you don't prefer the sound of tighter resos I take it. What is it about it that doesn't suit you?


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with my set I've found that you should tune them about the same tension
it gives you the more well rounded tone and just the right sustain
but if you want a short and kinda bopy sound then it's better to have tighter resos

but the main thing with tuning at the same tension is that it allows the two heads to vibrate together and amplify your sound more


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I tune my heads so that the resonant head is no more than a full step higher than the batter head. It gives me gobs of sustain, and a very full, very musical sound.