Request for present day snare wire options for Ludwig Supersensitives



My first post here. Great forum full of outstanding knowledge and experience. Thanks to all you kind folk for sharing.

My question is in regards to the 1977 model, Ludwig, 6.5", supersensitive, snare drum, (black in color, correct me if I am wrong, has a brass shell if I remember right). I also have the 5" SS in the white.

I don't have the paperwork from ordering the drums years ago or a very good memory any longer it seems. I parked the drums in the basement 30 years ago to raise a family proper as my wife says. Not much time play drums when you are in the military. I am recently retired. Hoo-ray, I made it.

I recently got the entire set out of the basement and out of the cases and the drums and the cymbals cleaned up remarkably well. No rust, no pitting, nothing to complain about. I was truly amazed, blessed is probably better. Basement environment must have been pretty good I reckon.

My question is for someone who knows these snare drums better than I and is current with what the music industry offers for replacement snare wires for these snare drums. Recommendations would be much appreciated. I have the original Ludwig snare wires on each drum now and they each have some broken wires. The strainers both still work perfectly. Amazing.

I have replaced the heads on all the drums with what I have always used, Remo coated emporers over Remo coated ambassadors. The snares got Remo clear ambassadors for the reso sides. The drums sound great but alas, the snarewires are as dead as flat snake.

What options might I have for replacement snares? Ludwig and what else if anything? I wouldn't mind trying something new, other than the Ludwig replacements that is. I couldn't find much in searching here or on the internet for options. It seems there are less options for the SS snare than the supraphonic. 16 and 20 strand is all I could find for the supersensitives. Are there any 30 or 40 strand available for the supersensitive snares?

Gene Krupa to Buddy Rich is what I used to favor sound wise back in the day. Oh yea, that John Bonham guy was pretty good too for a hodcarrier.

Thanks in advance for any help.