Request For Info Re: New vs Old Speed Kings



This is a request for comparison info from anyone who might have experience with both the older Speed King (gray in color) and the newer Speed King pedal (black in color).

I own a Ludwig Speed King pedal from 1978.
It works for me. This is where you can make fun of me if ya like. I guess I asked for it. I know, I know, I know. There are a bunch of pedals on the market that blow the Speed King up.

I haven't seen or tried one of the newer Ludwig Speed King pedals but I need a back up pedal and I can't find a "pre-owned" Speed King for sale for a reasonable price that isn't all shot to hell. Most of the ones I've seen on ebay and the likes are in pretty bad shape (as in really bad).

I am considering the purchase of one of the newer models for a back up pedal. Another possibility would be to purchase the best used one I could find (less rust the better yikes) and send it out to be rebuilt and refinished. This would cost more than buying a new one. Either way I would like to hear from others if possible, who have experience with comparing the two pedals, especially regarding function.

I have read that the newer Speed Kings are identical in design and in function, the only difference being looks, a different finish.

I have also read that the newer models are somewhat different in design and function. The main difference being that the camming action on the newer models is different than the older models.

I can't remember which post, but I think I read here at Drummerworld someone say that the camming action on the newer pedals was definitely different as in bad different. Can anyone validate if this info regarding the camming action is true?

Therefore I would really appreciate anyone offering any info or share their experiences comparing the two pedals against one another? In fact I welcome any info or opinions regarding the Speed King. Thank you.




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I've seen the modern speed king and to my eye, it's identical except the black powder-coat look.Ain't no way the cam action is different, all of the moving parts are identical.
Incidentally, i also own the Trick detonator O1V-2 bigfoot double pedal and I'm not making fun of your pedal choice. Speed King= greatest pedal of the 20th century. Still kills 95% of all modern pedals. Kind of like the Hemi-Barracuda of drum pedals, hehe.


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As far as "pedal feel", what kind of shoes you wear will make a way more drastic change in feel, than whatever they did, or didn't do, at Ludwig. I've seen cats play Speed Kings wearing combat boots, flip flops, cowboy boots, running shoes, barefoot, and workboots. It's all about "your" comfort. I can't imagine some guys at Ludwig looking at the Speed King, thinking "well, it's been a great pedal for the last 35 years......lets screw it up."