Replacing two crashes, Need advice, preferable today(Saluda or ZXT?)

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Lunar Satellite Brian

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So, recently I broke my 16" and 18" crash, and now Musiciansfriend has Zildjian ZXT 16" and 18" crashes for only 100$, HOWEVER, my usual cymbal company Saluda has 10% off all cymbals and a free 8" splash, so I could but a 18" crash from them customized to my liking and a free 8" splash for 130$

So I'm kind of stuck, does anyone have any experience with ZXT's? Do they actually sound good(please God better than ZBT)? any suggestions for me?
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ZXT cymbals are intermediate cymbals but definitely not pro. I would go with Saluda. You could also check out Dream cymbals. You can get a 16 inch crash for about $100 that sounds good.


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No experience on Saluda. I just bought a 14' ZXT CRASH and am not very happy with it. Fortunately it wasn't expensive. I could use it for a hihat top.


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ZXT's are B8 sheet bronze cymbals. They are beginner cymbals and are in no way comparable to Saluda cymbals.

Spend the money on a nice set of professional cymbals, you will be happier in the long run.
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