Replacing tom mounts on Gretsch Catalina Maple


I have, as you can probably see, a Gretsch Catalina Maple. It has GTS mounts with brackets for the tom arms screwed onto the rim that holds the tom. Those brackets have 6Mm bolts in them, and I have sripped the wingnuts on them a couple of times.

I have been told that most kits use 8mm bolts for these tom mounts because they can hold the wieght of the drum better. So I am looking at possibly replacing the mounting part with a better one. I am looking at the following:

1. Is it worth it? (I know the stripping wingnuts are probably from too much tightening, but that's another matter).

2. Will they fit onto the GTS rim in the same holes where the current mount fits?

I hope my post makes sense!