Replacement VicFirth DB22s


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My pair of VF DB22s broke and I went to buy another pair. They’ve been discontinued and all the places I checked online are out of stock. I’m sure VF didn’t make them. They bought them from somewhere and had their logo painted on. I tried a pair of generic ones I bought online and they weren’t as comfortable. Does anyone know where I can find the same ones as VF but with a different brand painted on?


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I didn’t know that they were discontinued. Look closely at yours. Mine actually have “Peltor” in raised lettering on each side under the Vic Firth logo.

I looked at the Amazon reviews for the DB22 and searched ”Peltor.” The first review in that search says that the Peltor listed below is similar, yet a bit more comfortable (maybe it’s a more recent version). Anyway, it $16 - and free returns.

Hope this helps,