replacement bolts etc for Pearl Powershifter Eliminator


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Hi all.
I'm returning to drumming after a very long hiatus (4-5 years is a conservative estimate). this is my first thread too!
My problem is this:

My Pearl Powershifter Eliminators (double pedal version split into two singles previously) have some missing parts, namely screws and key bolts.

The Key Bolt grub screw KB-508/6 which holds the driveshaft assembly together - I have 3 out of 4 and these can be ordered fairly easily in the UK online.

The biggest issue is the Allen Screws on the beater link assembly - SB-66. I'm lead to believe that these are 6mm-1 x 6mm allen screws? What does this even mean?

Will screws/bolts etc from any other manufacturer fit the bill? I've got some bodged bolts in right now but they keep working loose and I'm afraid of ruining the thread of the holder.

thanks in advance.......