Replaced original drum tracks with AI drummer of classic hits - Let me know what you think??


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The drum sounds in some classic tracks suck. So I deleted the old drum tracks (from STEMS) and made new drum tracks with LOGIC Pro AI drummer and created a remix of all the sounds. I hope you enjoy or at least it sparks a debate ;)

Note: My Dad was the original AC/DC sound engineer so hopefully the remix sounds are to a reasonable quality or he'll be really upset :)


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Your work is...interesting. Nice job from a technical standpoint. It's a fun experiment, and shows you are getting to know the software. That's a useful skill to have and shows that you have creativity, I guess?

You brutally murdered these songs though. Totally desecrated. I know you didn't intend to be funny, but I find a lot of it to be....kinda hilarious. I mean...double bass on Superstition? :LOL:

Don't let this discourage you though. I'm not trying to be mean, I'm sure they took lots of work to make. You have talent!

Perhaps you could refocus your talents. Get a job working for a metal studio...because drum replacement seems to be all they do these days.

OR start an amusing Youtube channel. Who wouldn't want to hear Elvin Jones play the drums on Enter Sandman? Or Lars Ulrich attempting to play Take Five?


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Didn't Rick Beato just do this with a John Bonham track? And proved how it killed the original vibe?'s like that-"How to absolutely destroy the great original groove of some old classics."

Literally ripped the heart out of everyone of those tunes...

But it's cool. We still have the originals to take the taste out of our

Feeling guilt, after reading IBitePrettyHard's post so-great job technically, the sound is impressive, it's just the vibe that's wrong...


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Hey glad you enjoyed the effort but a friendly warning. You need a flame suit cause the fires from Hell are rising man. I’d tell you to run for the hills but I’m interested in “comments”. However the thread goes don’t be discouraged or take it personal I’d keep doing your thing. Now I’ll check out your work -just thought I’d give you a heads up. “The drum sounds in some classic tracks suck” . That first sentence is probably the problem I’d argue this is my take and no cover- NOT a premise the cover is bad. Given successful songs- what next lets improve a Rembrandt LOL. People dissect such a statement . Maybe change the first sentence so more people open?


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I assume the OP has a thick skin and is being intentionally controversial in his introduction. Any publicity is good publicity they say. :)
Humans will forever be sucked into this kind of marketing I'm guessing and is probably why humanity is suffering as marketing has taken over such a huge percentage of our everyday experiences...
Oh well. :)


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I just watched a video of Steve Jordan talking about how he wouldn't play the drum part in "Soul Man" the way it's recorded because it is perfect the way it is. "How do you improve on perfection?" he said. This is something else...reminds me of Ted Turner colorizing classic movies.
Thank god you fixed that Ringo guy's drumming on "Helter Skelter." Maybe now the Beatles will finally get the attention they deserve.