Replace hi hat seat


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As you can see this hi hat seat is broken. I see I can buy a Gibraltar replacement for around £10. However, I can't take this one off. Has anyone taken one off before and aware of any tricks. This is a generic Mapex stand, can't see a model number. I bought it second hand.


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It's just plastic, break it off. Use a cutoff wheel and a dremel. A hacksaw would work too. A hammer and chisel from the bottom to push it off. Stick it in a fire and melt it off.

It's broken, dont overthink this.


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Take a string and tie one end around the seat. Tie the other end of the string to the door know of an open door. Then slam the door....oh wait thats not it......
......tie one end of a rope around a large tree trunk, the bigger the better. Tie the other end of the rope around the hi hat seat. Put the hi hat stand in a bumper mounted vice, but not too tightly,, and drive the truck away from the tree......


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It's most likely just friction pressed on.

Upward hammer blows on a flathead screwdriver that's resting on the bottom of the seat, going around the diameter is what I'd do.

Maybe tape up the exposed chrome first

The new one will probably press on as well


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Remove the rod. Saw the broken sleeve off at its base and smooth the plastic, do the same with the replacement, epoxy the new sleeve to the old seat. Wait one day and reassemble. No hammering or pressing or forcing involved...😄😄😄


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My spare part finally arrived (delivery issues). I fixed it up last week.
It was epoxied on and I don't have a dremel or any particularly fancy tools, and I've had very bad experience with glues and epoxies (I melted an expensive Balrog during my Warhammer LoTR days). I used a hammer and a chisel but it broke off in loads of small pieces, which I'm still finding with the hoover now. I stripped off the solid chunks of the epoxy with the sharp side of the chisel.
The new seat had to be forced on which I used a mallet for. I struck it with the seat facing the floor so the impact wasn't directly on the plastic.

End result is a working stand again. Thanks again for your helpful suggestions guys.