Replace a Famous Drummer to Make the Band Sound Better


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Here's an easy one with proof: Replace Lars Ulrich with Larnell Lewis:

I simply love this video so much. Watched it multiple times since I first saw it last year. Mr. Lewis is soooo amazing. Its a project of mine to find more such videos, his playing is out of this world, and his explanations are so well spoken
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Things I'd pay to go see:

Deen Castronovo replacing Gil Moore In Triumph. Just imagine the vocal harmonies.

Taylor Hawkins backing Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson (We won't call it Rush....)

Steward Copeland replacing Vinnie behind Sting (oh wait.....)


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Andrew Marshall on Billie Eilish's work for a clarity tending JoJo Mayer.

Ever listened close to the drum loop on 'my future'?...trip hop meets funk in a billy holiday that end, no improvement to be found...but would love to hear Jojo's take on it.


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Led Zeppelin with Phil Collins! 😀
I think I've read this entire thread, but it started long enough ago that I can remember if anyone suggested replacing Kenney Jones in the Who with Phil Collins. Jones was a great drummer, he was just the wrong fit for the band. But Collins — who called Pete Townshend about the job, not knowing they had just offered the gig to Jones — might have given them just the kick they needed.